Erin And Alexis Astronomy!!
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Question #1: Why is there major tempature change in Summer and Winter?

Question #2: Are Seasons important?

Question #3: Are there seasons on planets?
Yes, every planet in the Solar system has Seasons. Here's the thing though,
every planet has a different amount of time for each Season. Here is the data.

Venus: Venus has very short Seasons.
Each season is about 55 days long.

Mars: Mars has medium Seasons. They are longer than earths though,
they are about 7 months long.

Jupiter: Three years for each Season thats long but not as long as
Neptune's Seasons.

Saturn: 7 years long, thats a little longer than we might expect.

Uranus: Uranus has Seasons that are 20 years long.

Neptune: Neptune has the longest Seasons in our Solar system.
Neptune's Seasons are 40 years long!! Wow that's long!!
Just think how long will you be after your next summer vacation?

Question #4: What causes our Seasons?

Question #5: Why do leaves fall off, change color, and grow back?

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